DOUXO is a family of dermatology products for dogs and cats that provides solutions for a wide range of unique skincare needs. Each DOUXO formula is tailored to address specific skin conditions, delivering essential ingredients in easy-to-use applications. DOUXO products contain no controversial ingredients, only the essentials, feature a hypoallergenic fragrance, and maintain optimal pH. DOUXO Calm products soothe itchy, irritated, inflamed, and uncomfortable skin caused by allergies and dermatitis. DOUXO PYO helps manage fungal and bacterial skin infections with antimicrobial cleansing and skin restorative effects. DOUXO SEB products manage seborrheic skin conditions, control odor, and regulate oil production to help improve greasy, flaky, or dry skin types. DOUXO Care shampoo provides a gentle, protective cleansing grooming option that hydrates the skin and softens the hair coat. 

Best Selling DOUXO Products

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