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"Rx Vitamins for Pets offers innovative, nutraceutical formulas for dogs and cats. Designed to enhance the well-being of companion animals, Rx Vitamins for Pets is committed to offering a range of safe and well-researched products formulated by veterinarians, tested and backed by science. Rx Vitamins for Pets provides highly palatable, hypoallergenic, integrative, and highly potent formulas for everyday health and kidney, immune, joint, liver, gastrointestinal, urinary, behavioral, dental, and cardiovascular health.

Rx Vitamins uses pure, high-quality, raw ingredients to manufacture all formulas. Rigorous inspection and testing ensure each raw ingredient's quality, integrity, and potency. All Rx Vitamins products contain the quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). Rx Vitamins operates under the umbrella of Swedencare, which specializes in pet healthcare and produces premium products around the globe for companion animals. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rx Vitamins for Pets is an industry-leading provider of condition-specific nutraceuticals for companion animals, including pets such as dogs and cats.

Yes, Rx Vitamins for Pets is a leading manufacturer of nutritional support products designed to enhance the well-being of cats and dogs.

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