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Zylkene Supplement for Balanced Behavior for Dogs and Cats

Zylkene is a natural way to soothe your pet and stop behavioral problems that stem from stress. Moving, kenneling, bringing a new baby or pet home – many things can cause your dog or cat to feel stressed. Zylkene may help your dog or cat overcome stress issues such as improper urination, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior. This nutritional supplement is made from a special milk protein with peptides that can impact the brain receptors that cause stress. It has a calming effect on dogs and cats without causing sleepiness.

  • Helps calm pets suffering from stress and anxiety
  • Does not cause sleepiness
  • Can be used short-term or long-term
  • Capsules can be dosed whole or added to food

Directions: Capsules can be administered once daily, whole or opened at meal time. Please follow instructions provided by your veterinarian.

  • Zylkene, 75mg: For dogs and cats 10 lbs and under, give 1 capsule daily.  For dogs and cats 11 to 22 lbs, give 2 capsules daily.
  • Zylkene, 225mg: For cats 22 to 32 lbs, give 1 capsule daily or give as recommended by your veterinarian. For dogs 22 to 32 lbs, give 1 capsule daily. For dogs 33 to 65 lbs, give 2 capsules daily. 
  • Zylkene 450mg: For dogs 33 to 65 lbs, give 1 capsule daily. For dogs 66 to 132 lbs, give 2 capsules daily.

Active ingredient: Hydrolyzed Milk Protein (Bovine) Providing Alpha-Casozepine.

Other ingredients: FD&C blue #1 (capsule), Hypromellose (capsule), Magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin, Titanium dioxide (capsule).