Oral Syringe, PreciseDose Dispenser
Starting At $0.79 per syringe

Oral Syringe, PreciseDose Dispenser

$0.79 per syringe
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What are the Oral Syringes / Medisca Precisedose Dispensers for Dogs and Cats?

  • These oral syringes are used to dispense compounded liquid medications made in our pharmacy.

What else should I know about the Oral Syringes?

  • Please limit orders to 10 or fewer syringes.

What problems could I have with the Oral Syringes?

  • Dosing marks on the syringes will wear off with use and washing.
  • To extend usefulness, cover the outside of the syringe with tape or mark the dosing line with tape or marker before use.