OcluVet Ophthalmic Solution
16 mL, Dropper Bottle

OcluVet Ophthalmic Solution

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Ocluvet Lubricant Eye Drops for Dogs and Cats

The unique mix of six different nutrients in Ocluvet Lubricant Eye Drops help repair damage in the eye and prevent opacity and cataracts from forming. Ocluvet is a nutraceutical that also lubricates the eyes for greater comfort.

  • Helps prevent cataracts and lens opacity
  • Nutraceutical combines six different nutrients  
  • Lubricates the eyes
  • Dropper top for easing dosing

Age, disease, and trauma can also cause “ocular degeneration.” In this process, your dog’s eyes can become more opaque and can even form cataracts that compromise your dog’s sight – and quality of life. Ocluvet is a nutraceutical designed to stop the formation of damaging proteins that can cloud the eye while supporting the processes that repair the eye. These well-tolerated eye drops combine six ingredients – including antioxidants and Vitamin B -- into one effective formula to protect your dog’s eyes.


What you should know about Ocluvet Lubricant Eye Drops:

  • Talk to your veterinarian before using this product.
  • Follow dosing directions exactly - don’t give your pet more medication than directed and don’t skip doses.
  • Read the label carefully for information about storage, possible side effects, and drug interactions.


OcluVet Dosage Initial Administration:
Apply 1 drop to the eye 3 times per day for 6 - 8 weeks or as directed by your veterinarian.


Maintenance Administration:
Apply 1 drop to the eye every 24 - 48 hours or as directed by your veterinarian.


Ingredients: Sterile water, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, N-Acetyl-L Carnosine, Purified L- Carnosine, Glutathione, Cysteine Ascorbate, L-Taurine, Riboflavin Monophosphate, Propylene Glycol (0.2%), Polysorbate 80 (0.2%)